Long Lasting-Long Running

Introducing the most advanced rubber technology and scientific management in the world. Goodtire are one of the largest tube manufactures in the world, with tube manufacturing plants strategically placed in key global locations.

Goodtire produce various kinds of Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes and Rim Flaps such as: Motorcycle, Scooter ,Passenger Car, Light Truck, Truck & Bus Tubes, Industrial/Implement, Agricultural Tubes and Rim Flaps, to name a few. At present, our production of tubes and rim flaps exceeds over twenty three million units each year. Moreover, Goodtire have passed the Quality System of ISO9002 Standard.

Over the past thirty years, Goodtire as a special manufacturer of Butyl Tubes, have built a reputation of quality and performance into each and every product they manufacture, Goodtire product is being sold all over the world, and our product quality is testament to our long-lasting customer relationships.

The Goodtire motto is “long lasting-long running” and offering the best quality products, at competitive prices to our global customer base is our goal.